Justyna Tarkowska        graphic designer & art director
Project: festival branding
Client: Instytut Grotowskiego︎ grotowski-institute.art.pl

Festival of artistic interventions, inspired by the work of Tadeusz Rozewicz, in the streets and squares of Wrocław. An attempt to challenge the poetics of a fragment of the most prominent poet in Wroclaw.

Project: festival branding
Client: Biuro Literackie︎ biuroliterackie.pl

Literature festival that took place in an abandonned railway station. My goal was to create key visual, all the promo materials and print brochutes. Also during that time I’ve became social media ninja and produced over 100 pictures for festival’s Instagram and Facebook profile.

Project: festival branding
Client: Biuro Literackie︎ guitarmasters.pl

The Guitar+ wanted to attract young audience and end with the image of a traditional event, directed to an older audience.
In 2014 I refreshed the visual communication of the festival by creating three bold characters. And they played the major role.